Sattyananda in its literal sense in Sanskrit means true bliss.

Sattyananda is a Nada Yogi and musician from India. He is the founder of the Nada Yoga Foundation and Audio Aashram and has been exploring the Electronic music space since 1996. Along with that he has been practicing Nada Yoga and other Ancient Tantric Meditation practices.

Being brought up in India, he has travelled to numerous Ashrams and followed various disciplines from the Indian spiritual order.

“Nada” means sound so Nada Yoga is the Yoga of sound and vibration.

Sattyananda combines his experience of these meditative practices along with his knowledge of technology to weave sonic meditation experience for the modern generation to easily experience inner peace and tranquility.

He believes that sound has the power to heal, to help you relax, to help you contemplate and to bring about deep joy and happiness. He experiences this in his daily life and has made it his mission to share this experience with everyone and do his little bit to bring peace and good vibrations to as many peoples lives as possible