Natural Rhythms

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Every once in a while in life one feels like taking a vacation not just from work but from everything else as well, one gets this urge to want to connect to a deeper rhythm within oneself and just get back to a natural state of being, a comfortable relaxed space of existence

Music is probably everyone’s best friend in moments like that it gives you some time off it gives you inspiration it rejuvenates you it makes you happy gives you strength, music does a lot to help humanity move along in this crazy chaotic busy life that surrounds each and every one of us

NATURAL RHYTHMS is an album that aims at giving you that vacation you are looking for its an album that invokes solitude and makes you want to spend some quite time contemplating and just being. 🙂

The album was written in the winter of 2013 there are 7 tracks in this album and each song is named after a moment inspired by the beauty of planet earth and the different roles Mother Nature plays in our lives.

Track 1 Sunrise in the mountains
Track 2 A Walk on the Beach
Track 3 The Rain Song
Track 4 Full Moon in a Forest
Track 5 Winter by the Lake
Track 6 Sunset in the Desert
Track 7 Universal love of Natural Rhythms

All the names for the songs are self-explanatory

Natural Rhythms from my point of view as an artist is an album for people who are looking for something deep, something silent, something that make you aware and yet takes you on a journey into your natural self.

I feel its best enjoyed in a quite meditative environment with your body being in a relaxed and comfortable posture. One should try and hear it with like-minded people or just with your lover but its best enjoyed on your own.

I hope you enjoy the space it invokes with in you.

With all my love,