SUPER grateful to read such an inspiring review for my album SONIC MANDALAS by fellow human Bill Mahoney.

“Aptly, Sonic Mandalas are mini-universes of rich and captivating sound and, on the whole, an exquisite artist album.”

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Please do take out some time to read the review and if you have some more time to spare do listen to the album

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A minority of the population on planet earth believe in extraterrestrial life, an even smaller minority believes that the DNA of the monkeys on earth was tampered with to create the modern human species and an even smaller minority of people believe that human beings are actually different tribes from outer space.

It’s a super fascinating subject and always makes space for an interesting debate, but once you open up your mind and let your imagination drift with no preconceived ideas, it all may just make sense and you may just understand why you look up at the stars so longingly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Anyway this set of songs was written in the spring of 2010, the inspiration of the music is driven by the idea that we live on this planet in harmony with different alien species and how the human energy is abducting these alien energies and making them take human form.

Abducting aliens is a collection of downtempo tracks that show case a darker shade of ambient electronic music. The 5 songs in this collection are

1. These beings are around all of us
2. An Alien Lullaby
3. Space Ships in the Sky
4. Witnessing the hatching of an ET+Human Egg
5. Abducting Aliens

The names pretty much sum up what the agenda for the listening session is πŸ™‚ Another random fact is that Ambient music is often referred to as elevator music πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hahaha I have always found that funny πŸ™‚

It would be interesting to see if anyone plays this album in their elevators and if someone does, please do hit me up because I would love to take a ride in it!

Jokes apart, I hope all you ETs out there enjoy listening to this album! Always Keep ET real πŸ™‚

Lots of space and bass,